Three Bodies-- One Soul

"Illusive, exclusive, and mildly abusive..."

The Itchy Banna Sisterhood
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The Sisterhood Anthem

Banna, and sometimes itchy,
Trying to find out what bee fut is
Extremely bee, discolored Cheat
Derek Jeter, Christmas lights and Dave Barry
Man with fruit, and spiked Fanta
Leeta wonders what you call a "door"
Imaginary toe friend, whose name is Michael
George is shoving Leeta off the cliff
Dead little girls, and severed arteries
Laying in uncomfortable places
Snot pop, and cinnamon pizza dough
And fighting over deformed shoebox hats
Womb to tomb and boith to oith
Long live the book-keeping shoe
Emily hates Chattanooga Choo-Choo
And sleepign between Meghan's ribs and hips
Queen Emily and Scribing Leeta
And the unrelated Jarmaster Meghan
The Fifty Cent pants and Wilson's Leather
And apparently crickets are winged snakes
Ouches, I hurt myself
Meghan won't go to a day spa
Hello Joe, a-woo-hoo-hoo-hoo
And don't forget the disembodied hand
The Island, Leeta's packages
We wouldn't want them to go to waste
Brave Little Toaster is such a pansy
And spelling communism with a "k" (kay, kay, kay!)
Yes and yes, and Velma's dancing
Hitler lives on Leeta's toe (he does!)
"Carrot cake" and "friendship bracelets"
And you can puncuate the ooblee-oo
Someday we'll rule the world
From our own living rooms
Queen Emily and also Leeta
And Meghan gets to be the page

Population: Si-i-is-ter-HOOD!

Written by Meghan Buttler, August 2003, with the help of Emily and Leeta

Without a doubt, we are cooler than you. Our exlusive, illusive, mildly abusive behavior far outways yours... sir... or madame. I don't know. This community is for us and us only, because you are a loser if you are not in this Sisterhood. You are only a non-loser if you are lucky enough to make it to our friends' page. Which is also exlusive, and we're getting the paper hats ready right this moment. They are the height of the paper veign, so shut up and wear them if you want to read this. That's right.

Um... yeah.

I love you, girls.

The Team: Megsi, Emily, and Leeta. Today, tomorrow, always... and long after your mom is dead.
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