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Jul. 24th, 2005 @ 07:32 pm Wind me up, Put me down
Current Mood: pissed offrebellious
Current Music: "Jerk It Out" by the Caesers
My gosh, my mom said that I can't dye my hair. She said that I'll look like a freak and that she'd ground me if I did streak it like I want it. Therefore, I'm waiting until after Thursday to do it. And hopefully I won't be grounded for the rest of the summer. But I may or may not, seeing as I've only been grounded twice before...

I really don't get it. This would be like the first time I have ever done anything for myself (physically), and yet my parents are acting as if that would ruin THEIR lives. It's not like I'm worshiping Satan or something, I'd just be changing my hair color. You know, the hair color I've sported since BIRTH. I'm still gonna do it though... it'll be my first time I've ever purposely rebelled against them. Honestly, I could be doing a lot worse if you think about it. But my parents are blind and stupid and think that anyone with a strange haircolor is automatically a freak.

I'm thinking of a good plan though. I'll have Alice either take me to get it at the store, or I'll have her get it sometime. Then once my parents find out, I'll tell them that I was with Alice, but she didn't know that I was getting it. That way, Alice won't hate me, my hair will be awesome, and my parents' reputation will be ruined. (because apparently me looking weird would ruin it... not that they have a good one anyway)

Grr... it just makes me so mad, though.

I gotta clean my room now. Much love.

Pleasurably yours,
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